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 Ruby's Path

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PostSubject: Ruby's Path   Sun May 08, 2011 7:03 pm

[Lttle before-going-to-bed post, so there might be logical errors in it. xD]

Typical for me to make a topic for Ruby first, haha... She's the one I've played most.
So, guys, what did you think about it? Is it as obvious as it seems to some on the first glance or is there a much deeper level to it? Just us overthinking? Who knows! I thought it would be good to have a topic for the overall picture of each girls path and such.

My theory, as for the chronological order of the game:
I know, some people over at the ToT forum suggested that it might be the different life stages of the grandmother. Uuuhm. Not really supporting that.
There is a lot of symbolism in The Path, and though I am just being rough here in my idea, I think that the forest symbolized either a.) a past event -> trauma of the character b.) or a future event in some cases. And here I will take Ruby here as an example. :3
Ruby has a leg splint and her wolf meeting seems to allude to what seems to be a car accident where she broke her leg. I guess so, when you enter the forest as her, it's basically The Present. When going into the forest, it's 'The Past', she relives her trauma and also in the Grandmothers House.
Now, does that mean the (normal! Without visiting the Wolf) Grandmothers House is a possible hint to the future? I remember Ruby lying down on the bed, very passively and what seemed to be... 'defeated'. I don't know anymore in what way that wolf figurine was standing. It's said to be a game about growing up... but who says growing up means being happy, being stronger than before. Growing up sometimes also means seeing the bad things of life and to some, it makes their view negative, though in a realistic way.
Before she seemed to be, well, a misfit, goth-like. Someone that probably is being bullied and cages himself all up in his 'weirdness', making it something that he/she cherishes.

Argh, way too much. Sorry. Probably has a lot of flaws too as I can't concentrate... sigh. Anyway, maybe someone feels inspired.
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PostSubject: Re: Ruby's Path   Tue May 10, 2011 5:34 pm

I agree with some aspects of your theory.

I do feel the narrative of Ruby is the injured leg is cause from the car accident she had with meeting the Charming Wolf and its actually the events prior. In her "death" scenes she's not wearing a brace so I think we can safely say she got the brace after the accident. However I don't know if I agree with her reliving the event but honestly with this game anything is possible.

Also I feel there's another interpretation of how she is though.

Ruby does feel out of place but she seems to touch base through her comments about the various items that she wants to live fast and die young.

On her comment about the flower she comments on it not lasting long after its picked making it seem as if the flower is beautiful because it does not live for very long.

I think that Ruby didn't feel like she was able to fit in and rebelled against Scarlet and authority/parental figures and even had a dark look on life. However I feel she did secretly want to fit in even though she felt she didn't. I get that from her taking the cigarette from Charming Wolf and from riding in his car with him. She wanted to feel like she fit in somewhere and he made her feel that way. In my opinion. her part of growing up is not to give into peer pressure and living on "the edge" or living in the "fast lane". Charming wolf made it look fun but in the end it cost her.

Thats just my take on it. Also I agree and I think thats what TOT was trying to get at. Life has some harsh experiences and even though you grow from it, it leaves a scar on your psyche sometimes.

And thanks for posting this discussion. ^_^ I love talking about the characters and I think you hit some very big points.

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Ruby's Path
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