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 PLEASE READ: Rules for members

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Honest Red
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Head Administrator

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PostSubject: PLEASE READ: Rules for members   Thu May 05, 2011 3:01 am

Listed below is the forum rules for all of our members of "Once Bitten" to follow. Please read before posting. Once members start posting I will assume you have read the rules and have agreed to follow them.

Naivety is an excuse that will not fly. If you choose to break/ignore the rules you will be subject to being banned.

#1: Pornographic content, Torrents, illegal downloading, hacking content, and pirating ARE NOT ALLOWED. POSTING OR LINKING SITES RELATED TO THE MENTIONED CONTENT ARE FORBIDDEN. Since this is a forum for the Tale of Tales game "The Path" any mention of illegally downloading the said game and music soundtrack will get you banned permanently.

#2: Racial slurs, negative comments about sexual preference and homophobic comments ARE NOT ALLOWED. This is a forum that ANYBODY can join. Therefore people of any ethnicity and sexual preference should be treated with human decency online. If I see any member posting the mentioned hateful content, YOU WILL BE BANNED PERMANENTLY.

However swearing is allowed. Examples, "Shit, damn, fuck, etc."

#3: An Admin/Moderators decision is final. If you are asked to stop a particular line of discussion/argument, to stop spamming, anything of that nature, please do. If you feel that the moderator's decision is unfair, contact them privately to discuss it. If you are having trouble with a member or a person on the staff you can always contact Honest Red aka Hillary through a PM(Private Message).

However you should not sass/fight with the staff if the staff as a whole has agreed to a moderating decision. You will be disciplined if you cannot accept a decision or are caught arguing with the staff.

Also our Forum Staff staff reserves the right to delete, edit or moderate anything that is in violation of the rules.

#4: No flaming of any kind. The definition for flaming is "An online argument that becomes nasty or derisive, where insulting a party to the discussion takes precedence over the objective merits of one side or another". Also no waging war or making topics addressed to another member of the forum for flaming or argument purposes. The topic will be deleted and you will be disciplined/banned depending on the situation. No one wants to come to the forum for your petty drama.

#5: Stay on topic. If you have to be told multiple times by the admins/moderators to stay on topic you will be banned for two days (or longer depending on the amount of times you break the rule).

#6: Do not double post. There is an edit button that you can click in case you forgot to include something in your original post.

#7: Try to be respectful to your fellow members including new members. No one likes it when you act like an asshole.

#8: NO CHATSPEAK. Please make proper sentences and punctuation. Posts with poorly written English will be deleted. Its very frustrating to read.

#9: For Avatars and Signatures used on the forum, nothing sexually graphic should be displayed in a graphic used in an avatar or signature.

The maximum size for avatars are: Width - 120 pixels, Height - 150 pixels

The maximum size for signatures are: Width - 500 pixels, Height - 200 pixels

Any Avatars/Signatures that exceed the limited sizes will be resized or deleted.

#10: Use common sense. Smile

In regards to being Banned, you will always recieve a message about why you were banned and if its temporary or permanent. As being an Admin for other forums for 5 years, I do not ban members frequently. I'm a pretty lax person and I try my best to be fair. Its pretty much a LAST resort as I don't like to ban people and to add to that I like to try to work with people if there is a problem.

I the admin reserve to change/edit these rules at any time.

If you ever have questions about the rules or anything that wasn't mentioned, please PM Honest Red. I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Also if you'd like to affiliate a site or forum with us please PM Honest Red.

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PLEASE READ: Rules for members
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